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The clobetasol solution to put on my scalp analog with shampooing with head and shoulders shampoo. Second trimester with my son, though not too bad.

There’s still some other things with the lower GI, but we’ll figure them out soon enough. The immune response is nearly always the cause of the itching not the offending agent such as shampoo or a fungus. I get bruising amid the rashes, like I’m scratching or pressing too hard.

Skin pain will come and go for me. I had never heard of dermatitis herpetiformis. I have a woman doctor who is around my age now. I have told my doctors about and I’m dismissed both by primary care and ruemotologist.

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I’m just wondering if your doctor has considered it for your itching? The vistaril helps me sleep so I am thankful for that. 2 months they have intermittently appeared then disappeared on their own. A rash like the ones being described here could be a symptom of celiacs disease.

In many cases, psoriasis goes away and then flares up again repeatedly over time. Mine was so bad i had seen 2 dermatologist and both said the same thing that it won’t go away until the baby is born and that my case was so severe i need to be on oral steroids and shots of steroids and i need to be seen until the baby is born. I was thankful because I had a friend who had it so bad they induced and hers cleared up about 2 weeks after delivery. OMG i cant even even explain how bad it was i thought i was going to rip my skin off i still have scars all over my arms like chicken pox.

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But after doing my own reasearch and reading over SEVERAL fourms about this. I get them right before a fibro flare and so far it’s always in the same place on my knee. Even though the diet helped, it was easy to go back because I love wheat. After just 2-3 days the itching had stopped. My itching is way worse when the pain gets worse.

5 weeks postpartum and the rash is back full on, legs, feet and belly mainly. For the ear, you should probably see an allergist. I don’t know if it really is PUPP but she showed me pictures and it seemed to be the same thing. Hi there, I have had puups since i was 35 weeks pregnant, i couldnt sleep as it was so so sore and it itched constantly and nothing worked.

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Even my groin itches terribly and it seems like little balls of dead skin come off there, its where my leg mettes the groin. The more I read the more I know that’s what it is, and yes I do have arthritis as well, but I think there’s something else. This red concave bump grows larger every month it’s red, itchy, bleeds, crusts over then calms down for a day or so and it starts all over again.

It really helped relieve the itching, even if only temporary. 39 weeks pregnant and i have been dealing with pupps going on 2 weeks now. Should I worry about my little girl? I wonder if this makes me more prone to it? There actually are a lot of good vegan and Paleo dishes, just takes practice. After searching for weeks online, I finally found a picture of it.

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None of them tested his skin. The skin on my nose peeled for almost a year after, too. It is on her lower abdomen and she didn’t have it with her first child.

He went on a gluten diet and the sores are gone. She has psoriasis on her scalp and has pictures of before and after she used the lotion. I want to second the post on DH – the gluten rash, they call it. Others speak highly of omega 3 flax seed oil capsules. Ice packs and cool showers helped the most, benadryl at night, and when I finally saw a dermatologist she prescribed a potent course of oral steroids which offered major relief.

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6th month of my pregnancy with twin girls i got pupps. Do NOT scratch it, under any circumstances. Try to not scratch due to the risk of infection as well as possibility of spreading the rash.

This has happened to me a handful of times before and I have no idea what it could be. My Dr recently proscribed hydroxyzine to me, for anxiety. I find such relief from my Quell I would hate to stop using it. OMG the pain I ended up with was unbearable! Everyday there’s a different pain and I’m worried about her mentally because she just wants to give up because she’s always in such horrible pain. Yet, people still don’t believe I have this legitamate disease.

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In month 8 it appeared on my stretch marks on my stomach and was horrible. They do not look anything like the pictures I have found of Dermatitis Herpetiformis, Granuloma annulare, nor do I have the multi-system wide symptoms described by addy331. It can look similiar to Dermatitis Herpetiformis but is caused by something unknown, doesn’t cause any health risks and is generally cosmetically icky but not hazardous by any means. In my situation my rash did happen to develope after i gave birth to my son who happens to be my third child. I never thought about baking soda. It must be nice to pick and choose what you believe about fibromyalgia and its symptoms.

I still get the random itchiness here and there but not as intense. LIFE, ask your doctor to test your for GLUTEN INTOLERANCE. It is slowly taking away my life. So thankful to have found this thread.

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It comes in a small bottle with a dropper and it is very gooey. I have a background in physiology so a depressed immune system would make sense to me and it’s very interesting hearing other people talk about their experiences relating to this. It does not do much, but more than Benadryl. Honestly, it could be all three.

As a last resort my son’s pedriatician gave me oral steroids and it worked. The Benadryl helped me get a little sleep but apparently not much because my husband told me how violently I was scratching in my sleep. Last week my consultant told me to get Pirton and that i was allowed one at night. Ladies, you have to try this! I have a diagnosis of Allergic Rhitis which I’ve had for years so they are putting it down to an extension of that. A skin biopsy may also be done to determine the cause.

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Jojoba Therapy from Made From Earth. I tried ever ointment out there, even prescription strength cortisone ones, but nothing took the itch away. He was prescribed Dapsone for times when he accidentally eats gluten and gets the sores. I was desperate last time, and thought – well, if it helps a diaper rash feel better – I’m willing to try it!

This went on for several weeks. I had PUPPS with my 3rd pregnancy, starting around 35ish weeks, and it lasted a couple of weeks after delivery, but improved a lot right after delivery. Not the bruising, but rash and swelling. It started over a week ago with just 3, but now they’re all over my body.

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Right now it’s noon I just want to sleep my pain level is a 4. I thought I contracted warts but now am not so sure. One thing I have found is younger ppl are much more open to alternative medicine and new ideas. I also get a rash all over and my legs and arms turn purple and blotchy it looks horrible.

She’s had a shingles rash and poison ivy rashes before so it must be pretty bad. Most annoyingly, when my GP look they can’t really see anything as it’s all skin coloured. Am going to try and get a doctor’s appt this week and see what they will do. It was raised red and painful similar to heat rash. No shorts or cute dresses for summer.