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I got PUPPS at 32 weeks pregnant and my dr thought it was just a heat rash at first. I was diagnosed with PUPP at my 20 week appointment.

Have good results from Terrasil Relief cream for cellulitis and poor skin condition on legs, arms, chest, face. I am so thankful I found Aidance products and I have told all my family to switch over to your company.

Just add any 3 products to your cart, enter promotional code BUY2GET1 in the box below, and one will be free. Skin Repair is great for fighting infection. S brings makes you really search yourself and find Jesus because it is unbearable to suffer it alone.

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You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. My son used it before his spring break trip to get rid of spots on back and they just about cleared. I’m telling my doctor’s and everyone how wonderful your product is!

I plan to order for this and another situation – but since these are a little pricey, I’ll need to wait a while. It is absolutely driving me NUTS! No odor or slimy feeling, just relief. With this type of protection, you can experience relief, faster.

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I was very worry that this will affect baby but after reading PUPPS online, I feel more ease about it. However 3 days after i finioshed the dosage, the itch came back. It’s used to soothe, heal and protect dry, cracked skin. I’ll show you her site but she isn’t really into home remedies.

I have found the answer to all of my skin problems, Great products! Nothing will make it go away completely until delivery! The only thing that would give me at least 3-4 hours of Sleep was GOLD BOND.

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Had tinea for over 2 years. Anal fissures affect people of all ages. I was diagnosed with PUPP just recently but have been dealing with this spreading rash for at least 4 weeks now. However, if bacteria overwhelm your body’s natural defense, it can spread to the soft deep tissues, causing cellulitis. Yes, whatever you do, do not scratch.

I WILL PROBABLY BE REORDERING MORE IN TIME. Pupps what the heck is that. I follow your directions, with the skin repair, 3 times a day,and in a few weeks the spots were cleared up. Amazed at the speed that this product worked for me.

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It can help to calm irritated, angry skin, while supporting faster healing of ulcers, sores, blisters, and everything in between. I get stressed I itch and it comes back with a vengence. VERY GOOD PRODUCT FOR THE PRICE IT WORKED FINE. I decided to order a bigger jar of Terrasil, to continue the miraculous healing. I just started using it for the corners of my mouth because sometimes they crack and the first time I applied it it started to heal the corners . I have woke up and found myself scratching to the point i was bleeding and in tears.

Again thought it was a bra thing! Results may vary from person to person. Doctors in the past have used antibiotics which then caused some stomach problems. Will give you further progress in a week. The outer skin gets so hot and causes skin peeling and major discoloration.

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The best ointment for my extremely dry skin. It seems to have helped irritated area. Tried several creams and moisturizers but nothing helped.

We cannot guarantee results, however, we will happily provide a full refund if you are not satisfied for any reason. I find that , if used according to directions, gives me the relieve that I was looking for. By a week it will all gone! I’ve had this condition for decades.

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I totally recommend the shot, you need your rest now! My doctor prescribed a steroid cream called Clobetasol Propionate. I keep sharing it at school and giving it away! Benadryl didnt work for me at all. Used a variety of lotions and soaps and was never able to get rid of it.

I tried ever ointment out there, even prescription strength cortisone ones, but nothing took the itch away. Do whatever you can to keep yourelf from scratching. It usually around the 35th week but some women will get it earlier. Terrasil Skin Repair is made by Aidance Skincare.

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So far taking a cool bath and using cold compresses work best. Ice packs and cool showers helped the most, benadryl at night, and when I finally saw a dermatologist she prescribed a potent course of oral steroids which offered major relief. It is typically found on the lower legs, but can occur anywhere on the body or face. I had it all over my body my poor legs got the worse of it. Best stuff I ever used for cellulitus.

I was using remedies from other sufferers which helped, at first, to keep the rash down. I tried Aveeno bath, all OTC creams but nothing seems work. It used to be soft and easy to use. I also switched to a very mild oatmeal body wash instead of my usual soap, but I don’t know how much effect this had.

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It started on my left foot and then spread throughout both of my legs and arms . I used Skin Repair on an infection of my earlobe and the soreness, swelling and redness was relieved overnight. My wife, pregnant with twin girls, got PUPP at 37 weeks.

I do NOT believe this . I used Terrasil Anti-Bacterial Skin Repair Ointment for angular chelitis. My second pregnancy was even worse! I was ready for an induction I was sooo miserable and almost insane with the pain this rash was causing me! The tubes were just smaller that I had anticipated on them being. All the doctors said it was the worst they’d seen.

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After using ichthamal to open and draw out, then used terrasil to heal the area and skin. This is the only place that has a skin care product I have found that helps get rid of Cellulitis. I had Pupps my entire pregnancy, but the first 8 months it was small patches on my chest and arms that would come and go.

The Product has been different the last two orders. My son has a terrible case of chilbain’s and this was the first product we tried that provided tremendous relief! 2 days after I had my daughter I noticed an itchy spot on my thigh.