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I have a mild headache all the time. I’ve had my first really severe flare up about a month after starting otezla. I am willing to accept that since i have been off all steroids since i started and that is great news.

It worked for about 12 years then just out of the blue stopped helping. I just think the full list of side effects should be given so we can be aware. And all my meds say they do.

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I already had issues with anxiety and gastro but not as severe as after taking it. Many of the stories here don’t go past the first month. So my doctor suggested Otezia instead. I might add that this all happened to my friend only 3 months into taking Humira. Been through a sample pack, and 3 full packages 1-30ml in morning and 1-30ml at night. I have been on Otezla for over a year.

He developed grave infections and severe dehydration all after taking Otezla. Yes there may be stomach upset and diarreah, yes there may be a headache or two. I’m glad it is working for you, just be aware that many of the dangerous side effects can occur later on down the road during your treatment. I read your article back in September 2016. I’ve been taking this medicine, Otezla, fo a week now.

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After three weeks of starting, Migraine City, population me. As with every drug there are side effects. I’m kind of surprised that anyone would Rx Cipro as a first line treatment against a URI that hadn’t been cultured. It is specifically in her tendons. I have to force myself to eat. I was taking Enbril for about three years with decent results.

I can not say that it has completely helped my pain because I also suffer from severe fibromiagia, but I can tell a difference in my joint and muscle pain some better pain level on scale 1 to 10 used to be a 10 now is a 8. The second day he had to take two pills, one in the morning and one at night and again. Swelling in my knees went away as well. I developed, bloating ,pain in muscles, nerves, joint, my feet were on fire my toes Where swollen, they look like sausages . I am uncertain how much it is affecting me, I feel like I should be in a better mood some days than I am.

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I am a very sick person anyway and most meds I am on do the same thing. I think it’s a wonder drug but can see how it might not be the same for everyone. But, reading her above story frightens me. I would say for the past 4 months now, I have been experiencing panic attacks, so much so I took a trip to the emergency room thinking I was having a heart attack.

We have to support each other. I just a prescription approved for this drug and the first month supply is due to come tomorrow. I feel much worse than when I began, My hands, elbows and especially my neck hurt terribly.

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My Rheumatologist prescribed for my PA and told me that it was found to be a fairly benign drug. This stuff did weird things to my enzymes. It is 30 mg twice a day and you slowly build up over two weeks in a starter pack to twice a day which is 60 mg all together.

Went on Otezla titration dose for one week, got tingling in fingers, nurse said give it some time to go away. I have taken Otezla for 9 months. The FDA ordered the pharma company to add the black box warning.

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Worked as a Paramedic 20 years. So bad plus severe neck and upper spine pain. I decided to get off OTEZLA after 8 weeks.

PLUSSURGERY TO GET THIS ABCESS BEHIND MY CHEST WALL OUT! Now there is disagreement between two neurologists as to whether I have developed MS. The great man who cures all known diseases, Dr Sebi is a healer, pathologist, herbalist, biochemist and naturalist, who immigrated from Honduras and who has committed his life to the service of helping people cure their diseases. Almost immediately I started feeling the deep tendon, ligament, and muscle pain that you describe regarding your husband. This drug literature was very similar to the early warnings for fluoroquinolones. Even though I am just over 40.

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I have late stage Lyme w related M. I have suffered with severe plaque psoriasis for over a decade. I never had my nails pop out of my skin though. My hands were sore all the time before, they are much less so now. For me it’s knees, ankles and feet!

I have had some stomach issues since starting but I’ve noticed it decreasing each day. My agitation was intense and frightening. I didn’t understand why no drain used this time either? Your article is a very helpful find. RA,then it has changed to Psa. My resting heart was 125 bpm and my blood pressure was off the charts.

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I started about 5 weeks ago and took my last dose yesterday after deciding it must be the source of my recent trouble. Stomach issues are not that bad. It appears the FDA, or the hand maidens of Big Pharma have approved a drug that will be removed from use within a very few years. Tried embrel injections they did not work for me, but do work for others. Everyone is different I get that but It’s worth the struggle. It took every day of that three months for me.

I couldn’t curl my hand into a fist. We are going to discontinue this medication immediately. Difficult questions in regard to persons physical health so please don’t take offense to what I have to say or ask. It is possible that your stomach issues are from the drug. My PA has mostly gone away, but i do have more muscle pain than i had before. I wonder if it could of been because of otezla since I stopped a month ago?

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I suffered from PA for a long time! Still going to work but requiring duct taping knees, feet, wrists,fingers. On Otezla since December, 30mg twice a day, it is my miracle drug. I also had a little food, etc. Maybe it is just my brain chemistry so I can only speak for myself. The surgeon also told me of many other cases that he has had treating cancers that Humira brought on.

My husband looked at the drug literature that came in the packet but it really did not give much information since it is just now being distributed out to the general market. Physicians are being given one month trials of the medications from the pharmaceutical company to offer to their patients. My husband has suffered with SIBO and gerd since taking this drug. A virus is often a trigger for a gene that is already there. I’ve now been on it 3 months. I have a different perspective I’d like to share.

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I am having some real issues with my stomache. Psoriatic Arthritis pain was gone with just stiffness left behind. Still some pain in my feet though. I will discontinue this medicine, it didn’t do anything positive for me. I am sure the liver problem was caused by the Otezla as I am having weird liver enzyme problems. Like you, I researched Otezla and found nothing negative.

I feel the same way and have been googling to get more information and to see if my anxiety is caused by Otezla. I thought Otezla was the miracle I have been hoping for. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. You may want to try taking probiotics, drinking kefir and refining your diet . The pluses was weight loss and clearing of the skin within a few weeks.